By Kris Soderberg


It is easy to understand why more and more people have switched to Splash Pads or Splash Parks from the generic swimming pools when it comes to commercial aquatic playground equipment. Why? These easy alternatives can bring a variety of benefits to communities, neighborhoods, parks and many other locations.

What is a Splash Park?


Splash Parks are called many different names - Splash Pads, Spray Parks, Water Playgrounds and more, but they all refer to the same type of Aquatic Playground Structure. Splash Parks are areas with safety surfacing and various water features, that spray, mist, shoot and shower water, with little to no standing water. Splash Parks can range from nozzles that spray water to fountains that shoot out of the ground to larger foam slides. These features make Splash Parks areas and attractive to communities.


Safety is one of the biggest benefits that Splash Parks possess. Due to the lack of water depth the risk of drowning is reduced greatly and the need for lifeguards or supervision diminishes. The potential of falls and slips also decreases because of the anti-slip surface in all Splash Parks compared to commercial swimming pools and water slides. For other elevated playgrounds and Splash Parks safety surfacing is used to decrease injuries as well. These safety benefits allow for parents, grandparents and caregivers to rest easy while their children play safely nearby.

Another obvious benefit is the cool down and exercise Splash Parks provide during those hot summer months. Giving children and young adults an outdoor facility to run and play, gets them outdoors and exercising! These areas can also help facilitate social interactions and the development of friendships between children of all ages and backgrounds. The open-concept design of Splash Parks encourages children, regardless of their ability level, to use their imagination and have fun with others. Splash Parks have the capability to bring a diverse community together for fun in the Sun!

The visual appeal of Splash Parks is another benefit they bring to communities and parks. Being able to create a custom Splash Park by choosing from various sizes, colors, features and even themes can complement any area. Communities, neighborhoods and parks can express their individuality through the vast design options of Splash Parks making their area one of a kind.

Check out your local Splash Park today to experience the excitement and see why everyone is switching to these more affordable, safer Aquatic Playgrounds.



Kris Soderberg

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