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So many parents want their children to grow up with a sense of family.

Society has endless opinions about the word “Family” and what it means--based on upbringing, culture, etc. But there is one word that is found in many comments on different forums about family—IMPORTANT.

The most successful families are the ones who create a blueprint--a detailed plan for what they want their lives to look like. They develop workable themes, and adjust their narrative when life throws the inevitable curveballs at them. If the structure of the family is solid, no matter what chaos an individual encounters, they have a sound base to return to at the end of the day.

Bonding takes place when families interact through games and play.

Bruce Feiler, best-selling author and New York Times family columnist, sums up his research on happy families by offering a three item non-list list of things that happy families do:

  • Adapt all the time.
  • Talk. A lot.
  • Go Out and Play.

It is no wonder that some of a child’s happiest memories can be traced back to the playground, the place where families go to laugh and enjoy each other. The place where imagination runs free within strong, sturdy structures designed with safety and reliability in mind.

It’s in this way that the same tenets apply to both families and playgrounds. These days, time is like money, valuable but oftentimes hard to come by in the fast-paced world we live in. Playgrounds are ready made areas of fun, the one place where families can be together and time takes a backseat to play. The right playground not only parallels the philosophies of families, it also nurtures them.


Feeling safe is necessary for happiness and growth. When a child feels unconditionally supported, he will explore freely and learn, unencumbered by the fear of being left alone to sink or swim. Adapting, whether it be to life’s challenges or to an imaginative game on the monkey bars, is easier and comes more naturally in this type of environment. The structure of both the family and the playground can nurture this if the foundation is consistently solid.


Solid foundations, sturdy structures and quality interactions cannot be built without communication. Even arguments that arise out of problem solving can be constructive. They nurture the basics that eventually become the nuts and bolts of both the family and the playground.

Responsibility and Respect

A group of people becomes a family when a sense of responsibility for oneself and others is a priority. Out of respect is borne this sense of responsibility, and a natural affinity for valuing what we hold dear. Rules are created to benefit the group, and to include everyone’s ideas and perspectives. Sometimes these rules will keep a household organized, but on the playground, these values are heightened and fine tuned in an atmosphere where cooperation and courtesy set the tone for fun.


Ultimately, there is strength in numbers, whether it be a family coming together to get through a crisis, or a group of friends organizing a game of tag on the playground. In the same way that members of a family may unite with a fierce sense of protectiveness, the bigger the group involved in play, the greater the chance to feel the fervor build around whatever scenario they have concocted on the jungle gym and slide.

Playgrounds give families a real opportunity to come together and put their philosophies to practical use.

It is not only a chance for the family to get stronger, but to create new bonds and forge new relationships.

Kraftsman believes that parks and playgrounds aren’t just for kids. Quality commercial grade playgrounds inspire healthy habits and community connections. They emphasize quality, safety and thoughtful designs, building structures to delight and entertain for years to come.

If you build your family with the same philosophies and passion that Kraftsman puts into building their playgrounds, you are sure to create a blueprint for success.


Kris Soderberg

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So many parents want their children to grow up with a sense of family.

Society has endless opinions about the word “Family” and what it means--based on upbringing, culture, etc. But there is one word that is found in many comments on ...

There is no doubt that both spontaneous and structured play can benefit childhood development, but how can you accomplish both at the same time?

When it comes to raising kids, we’ve all heard the saying, It takes a village.

As parents, our priority is to teach and shape our children into upstanding, functioning members of society. The help of community is vital to providing life experiences and perspectives toward this goal—and besides, why go it alone when you don’t have to?

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